Rhyme Naked Beach Aussie For C Heads

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bill-swift - April 15, 2016

I generally don't cotton to women choosing to go with a single name. We all know technically they have normal old names like the rest of us. But are you really going to raise your concerns over the cloying nature of single name insistence to a hot, blonde topless woman who wants nothing more than to share her fine female form unclothed with the rest of the world? Nay, you are not.

Such it is that Australian model Rhyme and her never ending levels of tingle inducing body took to the beach at dawn and unrobed and the camera began clicking from there. The results are another set of au naturally organic sextastic that is becoming the preferred expression of glamour photographers across the globe. And many leering consumers. Rhyme, if I may call you Rhyme, you keep doing your part. We'll keep doing our part. With the shutters closed. So slightly different than your assignment. Enjoy

Photo Credit: C Heads Magazine