Rihanna Shows Off Underboob For Gothy Style Photoshoot

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bill-swift - November 7, 2013

I get the impression that if her handlers allowed it, and corporate America could handle it, Rihanna would be quite pleased to do completely nekkid, highly sexualized photoshoots. But that's simply not allowed in current times, so we are resigned to seeing Rihanna show off as much as humanly possible in highly stylized photoshoot like this underboob baring goth style pictorial for 032c magazine.

Rihanna is definitely not a shy girl. And she most definitely has the bodily tools from which to produce some fine female form works of art. Of course, we do wish she'd be let completely off the leash and give us some adult style moves that we're quite certain she possesses. Some day, Ri-Ri, we shall see you completely nekkid on that bear skin rug, in photos, or preferably, the Ikea faux version in our apartment. Enjoy.