Rihanna Topless Merch For Tour

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michael-garcia - July 25, 2016

The merch table at a Rihanna concert got a hell of a lot more interesting on her current tour. That's because several of the posters and other merchandise they are selling at a significant mark-up has pictures of her nekkid. Like, for serious nekkid not like covered topless or whatever, straight up topless. That, plus her scintillating performances and skimpy stage costumes, are definitely worth the price of admission. I could give or take her music, frankly, but I am a big fan of Rih-Rih's funbags. They are simply scrumptious. I would like to cover them in hot fudge and eat them like a sundae. And it's not just her jugs that you can see. That famous Rihanna's backside is featured as well. That booty has made that woman a multi-millionaire a bunch of times over.

When I was a teenager concert t-shirts just had some weird design on them and the tour dates on the back. You were kind of lame if you bought the shirt and then wore it to the concert. You don't want to be "that" guy at the show. But I'd totally be "that" guy if my t-shirt had Rihanna's milky teats on them. 


Photo Credit: Rihanna Anti Tour Merchandise