Riley Keough Full Frontal in Hold the Dark

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aldo-vallon - October 9, 2018

I wish this movie would have been called Hold the Light rather than Hold the Dark. Seeing the naked body of a woman as beautiful as Riley Keough is the event of the year. People should be treating it like the Super Bowl, inviting their friends over for a viewing party. But if all they get is a shadowy little vixen they are going to be greatly disappointed. Their guests could get so upset that they resort to trashing the host’s home. If we are lucky that is all they will trash, but if they are not satisfied when they smash they last family photograph then they are going to spill out into the streets. That is where the real damage will be done.

I wish Riley and everyone else would have taken this into account when they made this flick. Some slightly more complementary lighting could have avoided the fiasco all together. We all could have gotten our jollies from the granddaughter of the king, and I would not have had to burn down my brother’s home. But who makes a home out of would if they did not want it torched for the insurance money?




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin