Riquelle Nude in the Water!

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Tex Hollywood - May 26, 2020

This may not be the "Shape of Water" but it should be, because I'd give it a few Oscar nods if I could.

It may not be "Motorcycle Diaries" but it should be, which also had at least one Oscar Nod.

It is a hot model named Riquelle on some romantic looking Euro vacation that reminds you of what you'd see a Euro vacation looking like in an old movie.

It is not the EDM Party rats passed out on the beach after a three day bender the idea the Euro Trip has become, at least in a pre Covid Era.

I am all for bringing back the Romance. Two people, one beautiful remote setting. This is how memories should be made, or at least watched by those of who aren't as lucky as Riquelle or the dude taking pics of a nude Riquelle!

Here's to traveling surviving COVID.


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