Rosie Danvers Skinny Hot and Topless in Stockings For Prime Peeps

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bill-swift - January 11, 2017

I'm falling deeply and madly in lust with new Britty styled glamorous model Rosie Danvers. The Page 3 and otherwise fast rising topless model star has all the qualities I look for in a potential object d' lust. Sweet hot body, killer smile, and lots of posing bent over couches in stockings and not much else.

In her latest faptastic guise, Rosie takes the simply act of undressing out of some silly outfit while posing and preening frontside and backside for the cameras in a very simple living room. I happen to have a very simply living room at my disposal as well, Rosie. In fact, my entire place is decorated in early 9th century decor. One stool and some open air windows. We could make beautiful music together, Rosie. You play piano naked and I'll watch from around the foot pedals. Simple deals are the best. I find you incredibly attractive. I don't need to that to be reciprocated. Enjoy.

Photo credit: OnlyTease