Rosie Danvers Topless With Pink Hair

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bill-swift - May 16, 2017

I'm not normally a man into hair colors on women. Anything outside of the ordinary confuses my simple, linear thinking, hot girl focused brain. I still believe when I put a blanket over my head that other people can't see me. I think it goes back to that year my dad kept putting lead in my Corn Pops as a child.

Nevertheless, I'm fully down with this pink hair and pajama pink topless party from British boobtastic model Rosie Danvers, who combines sexual allure and spectacular funbags in a perfect English package. The whole girls sleepover pillow fight montage whips through my mind, only it's just me and Rosie, and she's kicking my ass with her big fluffies. Oh, to see nothing but pink as she smothers me with her victory. Rosie, I do believe I've just given the big thumbs up to your pink hair dip. It's like cotton candy, atop an even sweeter teat treat. Yum. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Spinchix