Rosie, Joey, and Sabine in the Page 3 Topless Roundup!

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bill-swift - December 14, 2016

There are those days when you just want to hide your face in the sweet warm and full bosoms of British glamour models who smile so broadly you can feel the comfortable feelings surging through your body. Or some intensely related feelings. I call those days every single day of my life. I'd like "motorboating, English style" to be on my daily calendar at 11am and 3pm. What a world.

In that vein, we appease our most primal senses each week by taking a peekaboo leer at the busty brunette and occasionally blonde sextastic women of Page 3 in the U.K., baring their funbags for the most earnest of intentions. Rosie Danvers, Sabine Jemeljanova, and Joey Fisher this week baring boobtastic such that you may too feel the soothing elixir of their healing mams. Absorb it, take it it, feel like new again. This is my kind of spa. I will need fresh towels on the regular, please. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Page 3 magazine