Rosie Jones Lounging Topless For the Benefit of Mankind

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bill-swift - May 3, 2016

I'd like to imagine that wicked hot girls like Rosie Jones spend most of their day just hanging out around their house and yard topless. If you've got a body that a million or ten would go to war for, it'd be a sin really to cover it up with any kind of silly clothing. An offense to the ogling gentleman who think of Rosie Jones from precisely 3:03am to 3:17am each REM sleep cycle and how her various body parts might taste when covered in honey.

Rosie took her super sextastic treats to Page 3 Magazine for another shoot of the boobtastic and bare variety. She's such an amazing treat it's hard to imagine Rosie is just now hitting her glamour model prime. So so much happiness this woman and her sweater puppies un-sweatered have given the world. One woman, one camera, two perfect melons, and that look like the party begins when she arrives. How very true, Rosie my dear. Did you get my meats and cheese platter? We really should be boyfriend and girlfriend. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3