Rosie! Nicola! Sam! India! Courtnie! Page 3 Topless Hotness Round Up!

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bill-swift - May 18, 2016

Not all newspapers have to be trite and boring. Take for instance the U.K. Sun and their vital information on Page 3. Vital in terms of my mental health in the least, the now world acclaimed Page 3 brand connoting the best of British style boobtastic all bare and fluffy and warm to the touch, let along the squeeze. The genius of England's most bubbly women showing off their funbags is as simple as it is a mandatory part of my exercise regimen. 

We get to meet the newbie boobie Nicola Paul this week and her racktastic of pure high energy. Along with Courtnie Quinlan, Rosie Jones, Sam Cooke, and India Reynolds, you simply do not have a better more invigorating way to spend the next three minutes. It's not practically possibly. Never have so many mammarially blessed women done so much for so many with just two sweet teats. This is what it feels like to be happy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3