Rossy Herrera is a Tropical Dream!

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Tex Hollywood - June 29, 2020

Her name is Rossy Herrera and she's a model! I don't recognize the flag on her profile because I lack culture, sophistication, intelligence, knowledge of worldly things, so I can't tell you what her ethnicity is, so that you can compartmentalize her and fight for her rights as a girl with tanned skin.

I do know that she's really hot, but more interestingly, she doesn't update her instagram more than 2 or 3 times a month. You can check it out HERE .

You may be asking why I would say a beautiful babe like Rossy shouldn't update her instagram 10 times a day with her hotness, and I get where you are coming from, but social media is the devil and the people sucked in and trapped by social media, with the grip of being famous or gathering followers an obsession that controls them, is the LEAST attractive thing a hot woman can do. It's desperate, it's unnecessary....just let the content you produce find a life of its own, the self promotion is just so tacky!

Keep it classy and staring at this hotness is a good start with these tropical vibes as we are going into a second wave of lockdown!


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