Rumer Willis Pink Panties Flashing at Elle Music Event

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bill-swift - April 24, 2014

These cut-out dresses so popular today sure do seem like trouble for the ladies wearing them. And, conversely, quite the convenient fashion trend for us gentleman oglers. Anyone who wears a pair of jeans until they're ripped to shreds knows even your favorite pair of denim get to the point when you might just get yourself arrested for being too close to a schoolyard and time to get some new Levi's.

But the ladies love to be on the cutting edge, as did Rumer Willis last night at an Elle music event where her pink panties were on display inside the large holes of her I'm sure expensive dress. I'm not sure if I'm more surprised that Rumer was wearing any panties given the trend in Hollywood these days, or that she chose bright pink in such a daring baring hole filled gown. Either way, it was a pleasantly bright pick me up this morning. Let's say it together now, class. Thank you, Rumer Willis. Enjoy.