Ryan Newman in a Bikini Top!

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Tex Hollywood - December 17, 2020

Ryan Newman is a 22 year old actress from the empire that we call Disney. She was on a show called Zeke and Luther, as well as the Thundermans , which Kira Kosarin is probably best known for.

I am not some weirdo Disney fanboy, I am just using Wikipedia to figure out who all these well followed girls getting half naked on the internet are, because they do the whole instagram influencer thing, but have a massive audience, so you know they went viral for something, and in some cases it's from mainstream acting careers with mainstream Hollywood brands, like Disney.

She was also in 3 different Sharknados, starting with the third one, meaning there are 6 Sharknado movies and since 2018, she has no credits, but she did graduate from UCLA in psychology, so maybe she's been busy with that. Hence the much needed downtime where she's showing off her bikini skills, which are arguably her best skills!



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