Sabine Jemeljanova Sweatshirt Strip

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bill-swift - May 5, 2016

How many times have I chided photographers and visual arts majors that you don't need more than one wicked hot girl, no clothes, and a camera to make artistic classics? Let's settle on, a ton of times. It really is so very simple. When you have a woman such as Sabine Jemeljanova willing to stand in front of you and remove her sweatshirt to show off her bouncy perfect funbags, just say, okay, sounds good. And click.

Oh, no, Bill, it's way more complicate than that. What about backdrops and sets and themes and costumes and Hungarian dudes with ripped abs? Oh, make that stop. Sabine is all you need. Sabine and her most ridiculously alluring young glamour model body, all proud and bosomy and bringing smiles to millions of men and Sapphic leaning women who needed a lift in their day, if not their pants. Sabine, I'm happy to call you the FWB of my dreams. The friend part is completely optional. Right on to the benefits if you please. I'm spinning. Enjoy.