Sammie Pennington Playboy Bikini Striptease, What a Body!

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bill-swift - July 9, 2015

In the matter of a few minutes, I kind of decided I needed a little more Sammie Pennington in my life. The real thing surely would be nice, at least until I was bereft of uncafed skin, but as for the visual wonderments department, just grand fortune that our good friends at PlayboyPlus reminded us Sammie once took an epic bikini down to no bikini photoshoot for the Bunny folks. And, now, we just had to share.

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They say you can't really get to know a woman until you've seen her completely naked. Actually, not so much 'they' as I say it and everybody else is too scared to agree even though it's entirely true. Such that I now feel like I know the real Sammie Pennington. At least the splendid sextastic parts. I can't imagine there'd be anything else relevant in the discussion of our future coupling. She snores? I'll live. Her mother wants to move in with us? That's what steel garden sheds are for. I know all I need to. Sammie, call me, let's be platonic friends routinely engaged in sloppy intercourse. Just as Plato would've wanted it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus