Sammy Braddy Topless Whoppers for Yuletide Yum Yum

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bill-swift - December 22, 2016

If Christmas is to mean anything sacred again, we need to return to the roots of the season. More specifically, turn to the blessed major sized mammaries of hot busty British women baring their boobtastic in fuzzy Santa's wintry costumes. It's my prescription for returning the real spirit of Christmas. Also, more erections. The nutcracker needs to keep busy.

Sammy Braddy obliges us this late December with a spirited reveal of her super sized funbags in the righteous Xmas time wardrobe of missing sweater top. Not that any man made fabric could contain Sammy's burgeoning udders. Nor should we even seek to invent such a product. I'm ogling Sammy's winter melons and feeling the season of giving upon me. Also just a teensy tiny hint of taking as well. Push and pull. And motorboating. I think we have our perfect Christmas recipe. Nog for everyone! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sammy Braddy Official