Sandra Kubicka Topless Treats!

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michael-garcia - July 18, 2016

Unbelievably hot model Sandra Kubika got topless and then some for Treats! Magazine. It started out pretty darn sexy with Sandra in some tiny bikinis. And I do mean tiny. She was busting out all over the place with plenty of side and underboob happening. But then she lost the top completely and took out her pokies for all the world to see. Sandra has got some splendid ta-tas. They are almost perfectly round. It makes me wonder, them being spherical, if they attract other smaller chichis to orbit around them. As if that wasn't enough, then she takes off her bottoms too and we get just a hint of her lady mound and plenty of her redonkulously perfect booty. This thing is a sight to behold. I bet when she sits in the sand she leaves the perfect imprint of a heart.

You have to love Treats! Magazine and all the hard work they do bringing us pictorials like this. It's friggin' art, man. 


Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine