Sara Malakul Lane Topless In ‘Kickboxer Vengeance’

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michael-garcia - September 5, 2016

Sara Malakul Lane loses her top in the awesome sounding Kickboxer Vengeance. This magnum opus, (whose plot sounds a lot like the Jean-Claude Van Dam movie Bloodsport), co-stars Sara wearing nothing but a smile. It's hard to surmise exactly what's happening in these pics. She's obviously doing it with someone in some weird Thailand sex dungeon. You know, like you do. I was probably going to see this movie any way but now I'm for damn sure watching it. I've had a massive crush on Sara Malakul Lane for years now. She's a very under appreciated model, but I don't know why. Just look at those hooters, for the love of Pete. They are big and voluptuous and I would really love to bury my face in between them and go to sleep.

I really need to get back into working on movie sets again. I got to see hotties doing love scenes in person because I was an important enough member of the crew.  


Photo Credit: 'Kickboxer Vengeance' Headmon Entertainment