Sara Pavan Topless Natural Goodness In Her Abode

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bill-swift - January 19, 2016

Photographer of all things hot and sextastic Emanuele Ferrari has captured the essence of au natural female form lust in the embodiment of mode Sara Pavan all kinds of unclothed and showing off her long and lean and lithesome topless form in her own boudoir. This is the kind of photoshoot that inspired me to get into the field of ogling in the first place. It's also why I used to jam a chair up under the door handle in my room when my parents took out the locks. Silly Puritans, you're not match for the likes of Sara Pavan.

Sara's milky white mammaries of organic and purity remind us that while funbags come in all shapes and sizes, until you've actually gently massaged them in your hands, discussing shapes and sizes is kind of silly. But I love silly. and women like Sara who freely share their bodily bare fun parts when the part calls for it. And the part always calls for it in every drama I'd ever create. I do so lust naked amazing bodied women. I'm pretty certain you feel the same. Enjoy.

Photo Credit:  Emanuele Ferrari