Sara Sampaio Topless For Vogue Spain

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bill-swift - April 22, 2016

Sara Sampaio is the bravest of the brave, the hottest of the hot, the darling brunette of my day dreams and co-star of many night time menage-a-Bill fantasies. She just exudes the sextastic like fat men playing racquetball at the gym exude sweat around their goggles. She's amazing, and in this Vogue Spain mini-pictorial of the hotties of Victoria's Secret, Sara treats us to a full on righteous view of her funbags all Portuguese and udderly perfect. 

Romee Strijd and Martha Hunt and other angels join the sea side in nighties party just to complete the scene. And while I'd shank any one of you in the shower for five minutes of conjugal visit fun time, I'd go one step further in my actions to secure sixty seconds of making of the sweaty sexy with Sara Sampaio. Practically speaking, I'd only need half that minute. The last thirty seconds would be mostly apologizing and explaining how that has never happened to me before. Then I'd Tweet the shizz out of the moment. Oh, Sara, you make me quite mad. Mad meaning good, not mad meaning bad. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Spain