Sarah Furnell Topless!

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Tex Hollywood - October 16, 2020

I don't know much about this model besides what I pulled from her isntagram that barely has any followers, but that more interestingly gives a good glimpse into her life, where she's recently been part of a 24 hour row challenge with her family, where they raised 135k for Brain Cancer, pretty awesome.

She's Australia based but more interestingly, she works as a Nanny. I mean, this is the kind of nanny that probably has a very hard time being hired, you know since nannies typically get such bad press for seducing the man of the house. Unless that's just a porn premise, but still, you'd have to have a very confident wife to let something this wonderful in to replace the mom duties, basically handing over the husband a hot, nurturing, dream girl they can google to see topless!

Unless this Sarah Furnell on INSTAGRAM is a different one, in which case, this whole post was a waste of your time, but aren't they all?!


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