Sarah McDonald Nude In Blue On What Should Be My Courtyard

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bill-swift - May 17, 2017

For all my pining and candle-lighting and wishing on both fallen and still risen stars, my patio is still not blessed with the alluring boobtastic of fully-mam charged English glamour models without their bras on. Perhaps I need to double down on my dutifulness. My shame closet is certainly full to the brim with their lust inducing images.

The luscious teated Sarah McDonald took to the courtyard of her lucky abode for a bra removing lacy blue reveal of her spectacular sweater puppies, barking in the pleasure of being free in the wind. Is anybody else smelling happiness? All my senses are on full Spidey mode leering into the ginormously perfect jugs of this devil may care lady of the British Isles. I can't possibly imagine ever making a good decision again in my life in pursuit of these oversized teats. Though that won't be drastically different from my past decision making.

Sarah, I see you seem to be done with your lingerie items. Could you ship them by air or sea or pneumatic tube to my address listed on your restraining order, please? Consider it charity. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Sarah McDonald