Sarah Paulson Topless in W Redux

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bill-swift - April 6, 2017

Sarah Paulson is known to two things primarily. First, her excellent and omnipresent work in television. She's everywhere and winning every kind of award. Second, for her lesbionic relationship with a much older thespianic woman than herself. It draws gasps. Today, I think we get go beyond that two possible Sarah Paulson discussion topics and elevate this to a peek and chat about her sweet teats.

Thanks to EgoReader 'Evan J.' for this much deeper and richer look at the Sarah Paulson topless shoot for W magazine last summer. At the time, the magazine was only teasing a couple or three images of Sarah baring her chestal delights. Now, we have a whole bunch to drool over. While the ladies fashion magazine did their best to make Sarah look mature and caged and behind glass and other silly metaphors, they could not hide her Forties and Faptastic native powers. Simply there. And simply topless. This was well worth revisiting in an enhanced redux. Enjoy.

Photo credit: W magazine