Sarah Silverman Topless In “I Smile Back”

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bill-swift - November 10, 2015

Happy days are here again when Sarah Silverman takes on another topless role, a difficult choice for her thespianically, but not a bother knowing her sweet veteran funbags are really quite pleasing to the eye. And I'm assuming to the touch. Well, actually, imagining.

In the new film I Smile Back, which accurately describes my countenance upon seeing the brunette hottie comedienne flashing her hooters once more on film, Sarah plays a deeply troubled woman involved in deeply troubling activities for the audience to be left feeling deeply troubled. It seems rather bleak compared to the bright rays of sunshine emitting in pulses from Sarah's big yams. Something's pulsating at least. I couldn't be more pleased cinematically speaking. This is why Edison invented the moving picture camera. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "I Smile Back" Egoli Tossell Film

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