Savvy Taylor in Bucket With No Top On

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bill-swift - April 13, 2017

Creativity points for the lusciously lean Savvy Taylor for taking off her top and sitting in a water bucket. You can imagine the symbolism. I can't, but you can. I merely see one fine organically sextastic model baring her funbags to make the world a more beautiful bit of gaseous spinning goodness.

Featured in this Tristan Kallas bit of simply alluring photoshoot, Savvy scores more magic with her au natural topless goodness by staring out into the distance while the gentleman oglers stare into her closeness. That may not be a word, but it's a concept of that feminine female fun space right in the bread basket. Where the good feelings flow like a raging river. At least somebody's getting wet. Thank you, Savvy. I can't picture myself screaming your name, but trust that I am practicing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tristan Kallas