Sera Mann Topless Lounging Around the House

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brian-mcgee - April 28, 2017

Sera Mann is a gal who enjoys the simple things in life, like laying around the house in the buff. Honestly, if I had a body like Sera Mann's I don't think I'd ever put on clothes. I mean, what would be the point, there's nothing in the world you can put on over your body that is more beautiful or eye-catching than nothing at all. 

Sera knows this, which is why she allowed a photographer to come and document her average day. It starts when she wakes up, totally nude, and then continues as she takes a bath, eats breakfast, lounges around, gets dressed... Oh wait, no, that's not part of her routine. I don't think getting dressed is even on Sera Mann's radar. She seems more interested in not wearing clothes, so let's not go out of our way to remind her that she's not wearing anything.

Perhaps Sera Mann lives in my neighborhood, or perhaps she lives in yours, but you can rest assured that no matter where she lives, she's sitting around naked right now, presumably waiting for someone to come over and document her in her natural habitat. I'm not saying it's worth ringing every bell in your neighborhood to find her, but... Oh wait, yes I am. That's exactly what I'm suggesting. Enjoy!

Images via ChristopherVonSteinbach

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