Serene Desire With Sexy Patricia Hollis

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aldo-vallon - January 22, 2018

 I am astonished that the white shirt she is wearing is capable of concealing her areolas. That is a high thread count fabric that I need to have. Even my pale little ghost nipples are able to be seen through every white shirt that I own. It is probably due to my shirts being the cheapest ones of the market. I once sneezed into it and ended up blowing a hole clear through. 

I probably should not be getting my hopes up. A short of that quality probably costs a pretty penny as well. It could be 20, maybe even thirty dollars, and since I have yet to marry into the Rockefeller family, it will remain outside of my budget. But that is okay, we cannot all be making the Playboy money that Patricia is, mainly because of the genitals that we were born with which seems a bit unfair. I guess I will have to resign myself to having visible nipples and deceive myself into thinking that women are turned on by that kind of thing. Maybe Patricia loves it and that will be my way in. I can't wait for my first divorce! 





Photo Credit: Playboy

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