Sexy Alexa Nova Is Turned On And Ready To Rumble!

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aldo-vallon - April 14, 2018

What a little perv this one is. Did she really think no one would notice the telescope in the apartment? We all know the only reason someone would need something like that in the city.

With the amount of light pollution that there is in the city I isn’t like she would be able to see any stars, but she might be able to see some full moons. The only possible use a person could have for a magnifier of that level would be to peep into the windows of her distant neighbors for kicks.

Personally, I would never commit such a gross invasion of privacy, and not just because I cannot afford a telescope. The main reason would probably be due to the large numbers of disgusting people that makeup the population. And the term disgusting does not solely apply to a person’s looks, their actions can be summed up by that word as well.

I have already have enough memories that I am trying to suppress, I do not need a new one of a grown man dressing up like little orphan Annie only to have a woman dressed up like Daddy Warbucks spank him with a giant foam finger. It takes enough of a toll on me just to imagine the act, I do not need it confirmed as a reality.


Photo Credit: Nubiles.net