Shane Seng Topless Funbag Perfection For Treats!

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bill-swift - April 2, 2015

Sometimes I see a new face, a mesmerizing body, and one alluring photoshoot and all I can think is I can't wait to share her with all of you. Her pictures obviously. The real Shane Seng, oh, man, I'd tell you I was working late and couldn't make our Outback meetup. This lovely blonde lady is more than busting the stellar hot thermometer in this topless bit of visual wonderment for Treats magazine. Wowzer.

Sure, I don't have the time to show you every single beautiful topless model to ever take her clothes off for a major periodical, but how I promise to try. Not everybody is an A-list celebrity just yet. But if the A-list were written, as it should be, on the level of how many tingles a passion inducing woman produces, Shane Seng would be on my first page. It's a long book, so this is kind of big. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Amanda Pratt For Treats! Magazine