Shannon Lawson Topless Pictures Preening on the Cliffs Over Looking Awesome

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bill-swift - March 4, 2015

Based on my observations over time, I'd have to say that most every oceanside cliff in this world is either currently, or just about to be, occupied by a hot topless model. Not necessarily so of steppes of wheat or mountains of snow. But something about those cliffs overlooking the ocean that seem to call the finest female forms to action.

Aussie model turned London resident turned another amazing seaside topless subject Shannon Lawson flexed and stretched and preened her wicked hot topless form for the benefit of Neptune and gentleman ogler's everywhere. When hot bodies and desperate leering come together, it's some kind of magical symbiosis that ought sound the trumpets of heaven. Though that might be a giveaway that we're peeking. Bless you, Shannon and your long distant gaze. We can keep a secret. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cameron Mackie For Yume Magazine