Sienna Miller’s Bikini Body Looks Sooo Damn Good In New Pics But Here Are Her Actual Boobs

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earl-jonas - August 9, 2019


Sienna Miller caught a lot of flack in the 2000s for cheating on Jude Law with Daniel Craig, and honestly her career was never able to fully recover from the scandal. She was a pioneer for cheating women, and we salute. We also salute the fact that Sienna Miller has impeccably maintained her amazing frame throughout her career. She's currently thirty-seven-years-old - so far from being a senior TITizen - but we still have to give props for the way her body hasn't changed much over the past decade. And she had a kid no less. Miller was caught by the paps filling the crapola out of a deep green bikini while snorkeling with her boyfriend Lucas Zwirner in St. Tropez. What a coincidence, I was snorkeling in St. Tropez last week. Jk no I wasn't. But I did swim in a scuzzy quarry where I probably contracted a brain-eating amoeba. Celebrities. They're just like us. Anyway you can compare Miller's bikini bod to her nude bod from various scenes throughout her career. Enjoy...


Photo Credit: MEGA