Singer Inas X Bares Her Nipples In Plunging, See-Through Red Carpet Top

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brian-mcgee - November 7, 2018

The next time they tell you that nothing good has ever come out Brooklyn, remind them that Inas X is from Brooklyn and she's super hot. And also tell them to shove, plenty of great things have come out of Brooklyn from Jay Z to Captain America.

Anywho, enough about this hypothetical argument you're never gonna have with anyone and back to the matter at hand, Inas X. The dark and mysterious beauty was at the launch of Hailey Baldwin's new whatever the fuck and her dress was not only incredible heavy on cleavage, you could totally see her nips as well.

The amount of fabric between the shoulders couldn't make a suitable sleeve for a t-shirt, let alone the front of a dress. Wowza! This is one eye catching outfit and there's no denying that you can clearly see her tits. Turns out, she loves showing them off, as you can also clearly see in the gallery below.

So remember, the next time you're thinking about maybe, possibly badmouthing my second favorite borough—after Queens, much love to my brothers in Astoria—think about the discussion we already had in the first paragraph. You forgot already? I give up.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / MEGA