Solveig Mork Hansen And Ebonee Davis Artsy Topless

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bill-swift - April 1, 2016

I don't understand art. I like beautiful things. When labeled as art, that beauty tends to be covered up by something less beautiful which bothers me in some manner. Like clothes covering a naked woman. I don't care how nice the clothes are or the genius behind them. They're blocking the better view. In a nutshell, this is my feeling about art.

So torn am I when I see the sextasitc likes of Solveig Mork Hansen and Ebonee Davis, both of sweet modeling passion inducement fame, involved in a topless project wherein they are covered in polka dots and various other schema of subtext and costumery later on. I'm sure it's important to express yourself as an artist. I'm not sure it's super important to take two fine female forms willing to get naked and start splattering them in colorings. That should be left to colored honeys that are entirely edible as removed from the alluring women by myself with my hands behind my backs. Someday I'll rule this planet and restore order. For now, I'm just imagining the art is all gone and Solveig and Ebonee are naked and kissing each other after a pillow fight, as God intended. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marfa Journal