Stacey Poole Naked Garden Times

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michael-garcia - September 23, 2016

Buxom beauty Stacey Poole unleashed her mammoth jugs out in nature. Stacey starts out in a top that can barely contain her ta-tas. These contents are seriously under pressure. She then relieves herself and us by letting those funbags free. Stacey's knockers are so huge I don't know how she stays upright at all. They are so big I imagine she has to have her bras made by men at NASA who can figure out a way to engineer something so massive. If she jumped up and down on a trampoline she would probably knock herself unconscious. I would very much like an evening alone with those two ginormous sweater hams. I might not make it back from that experience but I will have died trying to conquer two giant mountains of lady flesh and it will all have been worth it.

How come when I go out in the woods all I see are ticks and stupid deer and never giant-breasted chicks like Stacey? Maybe I'm going to the wrong wooded area that's sans naked chicks.  


Photo Credit: Stacey Poole