Stacey Poole Topless Leotard Strip

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bill-swift - June 29, 2016

The thing about Stacey Poole stripteases is you know where the story is headed and you still can't wait to see the surprises. That's some kind of visual narrative genius really. Taking off your clothes always has the same happy ending, but you'll watch it a million times over, because it's really all about the journey, not the destination. Actually both if that means Stacey's engorged mega-mams.

Sometimes I watch a sextastic buxom brunette getting naked on a couch and I think to myself, damn, that's one lucky couch. That probably seems odd, it does to me, but I can't help thinking about a glamorous model like Stacey Poole rolling around on top of me wiggling out of her clothes. Being a couch may be my best chance at that happening. Glorious funbags can save this world if only we allow them to do their work. Bras are evil. Long live the free teats! Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Stacey Poole