Stalfra Shows You All The Goods

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aldo-vallon - February 1, 2018

Stalfra is throwing out so many poses that it makes me feel like I am giving her a medical exam. In the opinion of this doctor, who has a Phd in none of your business, I am giving her a clean bill of health. It is so considerate when a woman allows you to inspect the goods before use. It does wonders to put the mind at ease. I have gone this long without catching the herp, and I would like to make it to the finish line while keeping it that way.

I know that out of all the STD's to have herpes should be pretty low on the list, but the permanence of it is what causes me to be so averse to it. I have a fear of commitment preventing me from staying with a woman, how am I going to commit to an STD for life? I also am a very private person, I can't be disclosing that sort of thing to every woman I want to lock lips with. Although it could be a nice ice breaker if she has it too. It would be great to bond with a woman over past mistakes, and maybe even add a few more to the list.

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