Stella Maxwell Gets Wet!

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Echo Lawrence - May 22, 2020

Stella Maxwell is the HOT lesbian who used to date Kristen Stewart and possibly Miley Cyrus as she climbed the ranks of modelling, starting as a hipster with asymmetrical lesbian haircuts, ending up a hot Victoria's Secret model.

This shoot seems to be for V magazine where the headline was "Stella Maxwell Opens Up About Her Isolation" THANKS! However the pics are great, you can see full breast which is what you'd want to be seeing from a Victoria's Secret angel.

I know that Victoria's Secret has been struggling to stay relevant or alive, but there girls are still the hottest, I just wonder if they are all nervous the cash cow contracts they once had are now over. That gravy train done, forcing her to hit the drawing board at 30 to figure out the next steps!

The good news is that there is always instagram influencing to make her dreams come true, only time will tell


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