Stephanie Moore Naked Downtown and Uptown

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bill-swift - January 20, 2016

There's something extra special about ridiculously hot au natural models all kinds of naked in an urban landscape. Like you might be on your way to the bodega to grab your Slim Jims and Powerade and just promenade past a sweet funbag beauty like Stephanie Moore without any clothes on posing for artistic nudes. As if there was any other kinds.

Featured in Riven magazine, the fearless hot and alt model Stephanie Moore takes her game face and champions body all kinds of unclothed before the cameras so that dreamers might dream a little happier tonight in their REM sleep about coming home to a girlfriend like Stephanie. No, she's not taking up tons of closet space, she owns no clothes. Is that a problem? I didn't think so. While it's all well and good that people are fighting for more urban gardens and greenspace, I'm fighting for more urban hot model nudity. You tell me which you'd prefer in your own city. Right. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Riven Magazine