Stop and Smell Gemma Champness’ Flowers!

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Tex Hollywood - October 13, 2020

Her name is Gemma Champness, but I like to think she's a champion, at least in this photoshoot, because I guess she's the only contender, which is the best kind of competition, at least according to me. In my isolation, I am the winner of every competition or challenge I set up for myself, whether it's the ice bucket challenge, the push up challenge, where I've mastered at least a solid half push up, then there's the pull up bar I was gifted because my grandma heard fat dudes are more prone to COVID death, where I've managed to be the champion of hooking it over the bathroom door. I'm the champion of chip eating, drink chugging, bong know there are no trophies for these achievements, but when you're the champion, you just know.

This was shot in a field somewhere in the UK, where Gemma has strategically placed her flowers next to her flower and it makes for a fun shoot to check out!

Via P Magazine


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