Summer St. Claire Topless Stripdown

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michael-garcia - August 5, 2016

Super sexy Summer St. Claire showed us her all in these sexy boudoir pics. She has on some sultry red lingerie that she then slowly takes off until she is only down to a pair of sheer black panties. Summer has got a rack for the ages on her. I'm not good at telling measurements just by looking at a girl but I'm pretty sure that Summer is about my ideal. Big but not too huge. Large enough that you can give them a good motorboating but not so large that you'd throw out your neck doing so. Then there is that butt. If I wrote home to my mom about women's booties, I would write home about this butt. It's the kind of booty that makes life worth living. 

If only one could be in that room with Summer to enjoy all those treats in person. But alas, we will have to be satisfied with pictures and await the day of truly immersive VR. 


Photo Credit: Only Silk And Satin