Super Hot Chrissy Teigen Topless

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bill-swift - March 22, 2016

Chrissy Teigen topless. Not her first time, but certainly perhaps her hottest time. These photos by Markus and Koala clearly are not brand spanking new as Chrissy is somewhat heavily into her pregnancy, but these do seem to be very recently shared and promoted onto the world of gentleman oglers who just happen to look at topless photos of Chrissy Teigen appearing as Saharan desert wanderers look upon a random water photo popping up out of the sand. Must have now.

Chrissy Teigen takes some level of grief for being a celebrity for no apparent reason outside of marriage. I got your reasons right here. Two of them. And they're spectacular. Not to mention she's spectacular for sharing them. How many ladies with several million social media followers are shooting nude? That's right, not many. Respect the game. And Chrissy's body. Or somebody else like me will and I'll get the cake. Not sure what that means, but I know I want it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Markus And Koala