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Tex Hollywood - March 23, 2020

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In these dark times we all need to stick together. I know it can be boring as hell sitting around at home, but the internet has not been cut off yet!

Meaning you have access to so much information, so much content, so many people.

More importantly, more and more girls are going to be out of work and looking for revenue streams. So all the on-the-fence girls who have been interested in being cam girls, will officially become cam girls. I anticipate a huge surge in the quality of cam girls and their content.

If anything, the mainstream celebrities and pornstars who were making money outside of being cam girls will all start using cam sites to monetize their videos, making the amateur cam girls we love lose business and relevance.

That is why I say SUPPORT LOCAL CAM GIRLS to encourage the on the fence cam girls by showing them it can be good income in these unemployed times.

DO it by visiting our sister cam site CAM ALL STARS .

So all the girls working retail, restaurants, bars....get on cam, get naked, let us give you money.

It is our way to give back!!!