Sydney Sweeney is “Ur Little Mermaid”!

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Tex Hollywood - May 26, 2020

Yes, Please.

Sydney Sweeney, better known as the Topless babe in Euphoria, is no doubt a crowd favorite. I assume that everyone thinks she's amazing in part thanks to her break out performance, and by break out, I mean busting out, the boobs were a shocker, a slap to the face, a "holy shit, they are that big". It was probably comparable to every titty reveal you watch on reddit because the unknown becoming the known is a basic human need, or at least breasts are!

She has a promising career ahead of her, she's still young and just staring out, but clearly she knows how to win us all over, it's a generational thing, these girls are WILD.

I am not sure what this is for, but it's beautiful and doesn't get boring, I've been staring at it for a solid 7 minutes now and I'm still finding joy, happiness, maybe even a minor spiritual experience.

Her caption is "ur little mermaid". If only that was true, how better life would be, but even if it's a cheeky tease, this still improves the day which must be the point.



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