Sydney Sweeney’s Selfie Roll!

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Tex Hollywood - January 5, 2021

Sydney Sweeney posted a series of selfies she took with her computer, by taking a picture of her favorite shots on the computer, including the camera roll or outtakes that didn't make the cut, even though you know they all made the cut, there is no way girl is posting a bunch of pics if there's a bad one in the mix, because even Sydney Sweeney can be a star of an awkward selfie.

I am a big fan of Sweeney. I think she's a great addition to the Hollywood talent pool and the fact that she's got this epic body is just bonus.

She had her breakout moment in Euphoria, which is HBO's take on High School kids this generation that is both dark and terrifying if it is actually what High School is like. She also had her first topless moment and it was a shocker because we had no idea she was packing that much heat.

She has gone onto option books, because she's more than just her body, and is now developing a series with some pretty powerful people in the industry under her own production company, which I think is pretty cool, but that seems like a lot of work for someone who really only needs to post selfies like this all day. They're great.


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