Take A Look At Flavia Lucini’s Awesome Body

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aldo-vallon - November 26, 2017

 Flavia Lucini shows she has more balls than I by going commando in blue jeans. I am speaking in the metaphorical sense, of course, because by the look of her she is an all natural woman. Even her name is sexy as all hell. It is like it is describing a sexy flavor of gelato. 

I can never bring myself to put my bare skin against denim. I can't do without that protective layer of boxers, as thin as they are, nor can I go shirtless under a jean jacket. Depending on how much walking I plan on doing that day it will only be a recipe for disaster. By the end of the night it would look like I was trying to smuggle ketchup packets when someone decided to give me a double titty twister. And if that would be the outcome up top I cringe to think about what would be going on down below.

I'll chalk this up to Flavia having quite a bit less hardware going on down there. That seems a bit like cheating. It isn't like people are allowed to alter their cars that drastically in NASCAR.   

Photo Credit: Instagram