Tania Mafilito Creepy Shoot!

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Tex Hollywood - April 13, 2020

I don't know what TANIA MAFILITO is doing in this nude shoot, I just know she's nude.

It looks like she's been in fight, maybe that she's having an allergic reaction, or it could be that she's spilled red wine on herself in a drunken mess.

I have scrolled this babes instagram and I've seen she's done "nose bleed" shoots in the past, so maybe it is part of her artistic expression.

Who are we to turn our back on artistic expression, when it involves nudity, we celebrate it.

We just look past the weird and uncomfortable to take what we are loooking for out of it.

What I am looking for is hot photoshoots, I don't really get phased by the weirdness that often comes with hot photoshoots, but I definitely don't love the blood. It's weird to me, but I'm just assuming it's some relgious statement, she is from Caracas, Venezuala, a predominately catholic region, but it could just be girls being edgy! Who knows.


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