Tantrica Goes A Long Way To Bring Us Great Softcore T&A

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earl-jonas - December 16, 2019


At forty-five-minutes long, the 2018 movie Tantrica runs twice the length of your average porn, but it'll get you to the roughly the same spot. This Australian softcore has quite the inventive plot involving an ancient tantric mystic awoken from her slumber when an Australian couple attempts tantric sex. I think. In order to illuminate just how far Australians will go to bring us T&A, here's just one out-of-context quote from the opus the folks behind Tantrica published to IMDB:

...As a result of an attempt to destroy her, Kalpana transcends time and space with the aid of a rare diamond, which has a protective mantra placed upon it, trapping her for a thousand years.



Australians need more hobbies. Anyway here's some of the T&A from Tantrica. Enjoy, and don't get trapped in a sex crystal for a thousand years okay? Be safe out there.

Head here for all the full scenes