TBT: 1985’s Malibu Express Was Heavy On The Boobs

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earl-jonas - April 18, 2019


In the 80s you didn't really need a whole lot of excuses to feature big motorboat-worthy racks in movies, and in walks Malibu Express, which is basically the product of director Andy Sidaris thinking to himself "The ol' spank bank could use a refuel." He's the master(bate)mind behind the iconic 80s action sex flick Hard Ticket To Hawaii, which features this scene right over here:

But as the lesser known 1985 romp Malibu Express just came out on Blu-ray this week and features some truly awesome racks (that Andy openly admits to leering at during filming. Cool dude) it takes center stage with this TBT. The meaty plot centers on a man hellbent on uncovering the culprit behind potentially lethal Soviet Union-acquired technology. As you can clearly see in these gifs.



But the only union that really matters is the one between your eyes and the breasts of Lynda Wiesmeier, Suzanne M. Regard, Lorraine Michaels, Shanna McCullough, Shelley Taylor Morgan, and many many more. And some bush. And a lot of ass. Ah, the 80s.

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