TBT: You Wanted Big Boobs, Well Here’s Carmen Electra’s Monsters

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earl-jonas - August 29, 2019

We recently innocently commented on the ethereal styling of Gemma Collins in a leopard print bikini, but one commenter implied that she was merely compensation for "flat-chested Playboy models." While Miky Muse, Elin, and Mila Azul's large boobs would beg to differ, we get your point. You want 'em huge. Those supersized boobs supersize your peen. Point taken.

Well in walks Carmen Electra circa 2011. She was at the height of her sexpottery, and for Playboy, she got glammed up in her finery - sans actual clothes - before being doused with water Flashdance-style in a chair. Literally no one knows how to work the camera like Carmen, and in addition to her overall stunning lewks, we have dem boobies. Big huge boobs for you INGRATES. Enjoy...

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus