Celeb Flash of the Day: Teresa Palmer Topless Scene in ‘Berlin Syndrome’ is One of 2017’s Best!

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brian-mcgee - August 11, 2017

I spent yesterday fawning over Lily James' nude debut in The Exception, and almost totally forgot that it's got some stiff competition for the best nude scene of the year thanks to the amazing nude scene Teresa Palmer did in Berlin Syndrome. While the film itself is a difficult watch—unless you enjoy women in constant sexual and violent peril movies, in which case, have at it—this nude scene is the exact opposite. I could watch it on a loop for the better part of a year and never grow tired of it.

I don't know why, but I always get Teresa confused with Abbie Cornish. It's probably because they're both Australian, but I always think that it was Abbie in a movie that Teresa was actually in, and vice versa. I thought it was Abbie in Hacksaw Ridge, but nope, that was Teresa. Teresa was also not in the Robocop remake, that was Abbie.

Thankfully they've both done enough nude scenes that I can now compare and contrast their nude bodies and never make this mistake again. As a matter of fact, I think that's how I'll spend the weekend. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: "Berlin Syndrome" Entertainment One